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A Astronaut with a sci-fi weapon

qUAD Weapon System

The QUAD defense system is designed around a robust precision core.

The central core assembly comprises a four-sided titanium rail system which all modular components are securely anchored to. This allows for endless additions and adjustments. The Actuator module [M01] carries an ergonomic pistol grip engineered from polycarbonate to withstand the rigors of cold space and the wetness, dust and the slime of off-world combat scenarios.


The sighting system is a digital HUD [Head up display] featuring Optical image stabilization, Digital Zoom, Hybrid IR Filter, Smart HDR, Autofocus. Later additions offer Infrared, Night Vision capabilities and Thermal imaging.

The trigger [mk1] is a four-finger pressure-sensitive type allow for greater control when wearing space gloves.

A three-position ambidextrous safety catch provides a safe mode, single and burst combinations.


Every add-on module whether its the double-barrelled shotgun with sonic buster or the high capacity 'Tommy'-gun, or sniper assault weapon all are designed to fit perfectly onto the core actuator.

Check out the exciting and unique modules in the armory weapons menu.

Sc-fi Weapon System
Module 01-Actuator
A sci-fi gun on a blue grid background.

Above: The Actuator Core [M-01] can be reduced in width by rotating the HUD.

The pivoting HUD allows for improved storage capability in space backpacks and confined spaces. This elevation shows the electronic trigger pad [mk-02] for long-range precision marksmanship.

Below: A three-quarter perspective of the QUAD M-01 Module highlighting the HUD in operational configuration, safety catch, and the adaptive rail system.

A white sci-fi pistol on a blue background.
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