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The Evolution of the Digital Comic Avatar

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The video game has incorporated personalisation since the beginning back in the 1970s. The revolution of arcade games from Pac-man, Space Invaders and Atari Football all allowed the user to enter his name or initials on the scoreboard as the pride of place. By the early 21st century the home gaming systems evolved and the user's name and portrait photo could be included in the rankings of the game. Today it’s common to see the players portrait on the actual game hero. The need for an Avatar in these alternate reality worlds of gaming adventure is strong especially amongst teens. The digital comic has lagged behind with little or no adoption of emerging technologies. Until now.

The #selfiecomic produced by #Selficom has taken unprecedented steps in bringing the reader into the comic pages. The #selfiecomicapp has a unique interface that instantly auto-edits or #cartoonifies the readers face into the comic. Simply take three selfies-happy, neutral and scared and the app auto-locates and scales these facial distinctions directly into the comic illustrations. The online comic book is here and you are the hero!

The comic app instantly ‘cartoonify’s' your face so it blends into the comics classic ‘halftone’ printed look. Thus, making the reader the comic hero in a comic Universe. There are dozens of free sci-fi hairstyles that make you look like you’re staring in your very own science fiction movie saga. How cool is that!

The storyline plays on non-tangible elements like freshness being physically stolen by some unknown force. The leader's role as the protagonist is to discover its location. You require the use of the Oculus Magnifica, a three-million-year-old looking-glass that can peer around corners, space and time. This very unique contraption resides on Meta-4 and is carefully looked after by the red eight-legged Monks. All the Monks require to power-up the Oculus is the ‘Essence' of each season which once collected can be sent to them via ‘The Book of Seasons’, a mobile wormhole that allows instant transfer of the ‘Essence' back to the Oculus. What could go wrong? Who will you meet, what dangers must you face while the universe sinks into a state of eternal death and decay? Find out by reading this unique and educational online comic book-Fresh Quest Comic only from the App Store Today!

Designed for iPad and loved by boys and girls age 8-15+ years anywhere on Planet Earth.

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