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Module 04-Machine Gun
Fresh Quest Comic Machine Gun.jpg

QUAD M04: Machine gun

When the going gets tough the tough go shopping-especially in New New York City!

The M04 'Tommy'-Gun module delivers the full heavy-duty lethal gangster package.


The 500 round drop-fed ball ammo magazine packs a serious punch against germs and virus alike-we don't take prisoners!


The barrel shroud keeps your hands nice and cool when firing rapid bursts. The rugged polycarbonate forestock comes with a comfy rubberized grip for extra stability and accuracy.

The Hi-res digital sight comes with night vision, digital zoom, and X-ray vision capacity.

The forestock incorporates integrated xenon pulse sterilizing light for close combat situations and making cheese toasties. 

Fresh Quest Comic Machine Gun.jpg

Sadly for you and your crew bacteria like to travel in large numbers, so you need a large amount of ammo.

The M04 module comes with a 500 round magazine. Each delicious 20mm round is packed full of juicy Ch20 Aldehyde goodness. Formaldehyde is active against amino acid organic compounds found in protein molecules, bacteria and sporicidal. Also exerting a lethal effect on influenza and poliomyelitis viruses.

Fresh Quest Comic Machine Gun.jpg