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Selfie comic

user Guide

Selfie Camera

It's an art to take a proper selfie. It doesn't always look right the first time. And this selfie app is no different. You may need a few attempts to get the right look and the right lighting. So please follow these simple instruction for the best results possible for a mobile device.

The camera interface is the core of the comic, use it to take your heroic handsome selfie. Simply face forward with your head level. The selfie camera needs to be level and parallel to your face. Ensure there is a plain simple background i.e a white door or white wall, so we don’t confuse the background removal software with trees, posters or wallpaper etc.

Normal daylight is ideal so NO Artificial Lighting 

OR Flash which may cause white patches around the hair and face. These white patches are not an issue if around the hairline as the hairstyle or 'snoopy' (a nickname given to the NASA communications cap during the Apollo Missions) caps will cover it.

Retake a selfie as many times as you like forever.

*Note, ALL selfies stay in your device. Nothing is uploaded or stored on our server. Your face is your property. :)

Selfie camera Guide
Selfie Camera Guide

Hairstyle Selector

As with any superhero, actor or actress they wear a disguise so they fit with the movie genre. This science- fiction saga is no different. Explore the hairstyles, snoopy caps with national flags and culturally religious headscarfs, turban's available and find which one best suits you. Simply adjust the size with two fingers on the screen and fit and then press accept. Change as many times as you wish.

For continuity please just select one hairstyle for all 3 emotional selfies. A new hairstyle can be selected the second time you read the comic. Hairstyles and snoopy (communication) caps are limitless so can be tried as many styles and times as you like. Stay tuned for new hairstyles!

Hairstyle Adjustment

Cultural Headwear & Masks

The Hairstyle Selex includes a range of FREE sci-fi hairstyles for boys and girls. Did you know you can also select headwear that respects different religions? There are also alien masks and International communications caps. These 'Comms' caps were christened 'Snoopy' caps by the early NASA crews, and Snoopy became the official NASA lucky mascot at all Apollo launches.

Fresh Quest Comic Headwear.jpg
Fresh Quest Comic Snoopy Caps.jpg
Fresh Quest Comic Alien Masks.jpg

Emotional Selector

Every sci-fi actor needs a set of convincing emotions that fits with the scene they are acting in. The comic selfie app interface allows you to keep and change your favourite selfie images, a total of twelve as many times as you like.

To access the selficam simply press the lens icon in the empty gallery frame. Once the selfie is taken the image will appear in the hairstyle selector and once accepted it will appear in the gallery. To delete a less than perfect selfie simply press the selfie image and a Trash button will appear. Deleted images are not recoverable.

Press the Neutral, Happy or Angry space to make your selection. Once all three frames are populated press ‘GO for Launch’ button on the right of the screen.

Emotional Selector