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Fresh Quest Comic

a selfie comic app


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Selfie YOURSELF into the comic pages instantly!

Fresh Quest Comic is ideal for boys and girls aged 8-12+.

The selfie comic app works totally offline so it's

great for long journeys and can be shared with all

the members of your family.

All selfies, data and information stays in your iPad!

Selfie Camera Tips

The selfie comic app's pioneering facial recognition software is

very sensitive to light and complex backgrounds.

Please follow these simple rules for the best results.

A. Always take selfies in DAYLIGHT.

B. Check the background is plain and Ideally a

PLAIN or a WHITE WALL or door.

C. TIE LONG HAIR BACK for a clean hairline edit.

In the first quarter of century 21, Selficom an Earth-based innovation company

made unprecedented leaps into facial recognition and selfie image transfer.

The Selficom designers, coders and engineers worked with a team of off-world specialists from numerous distant planets spread across the galaxy. The team developed from an ancient alien algorithm, code-named 'SlapTEK' making the selfie comic app possible.

Unbelievable I hear you say! This alien code cartoonify's you into a comic universe!

But its true check it out now before its too late! 

This selfie comic app is compatible with Earth's IOS mobile devices. A break-thorough of groundbreaking significance. This pioneering technology enables your 'selfies' taken with the selfie camera to be auto-edited, cartoonify's and positions then instantly locks them into the comic illustrations. This unique technological has created selfie comic app which is now available to Earthlings of any age, culture, gender or ability. Fresh Quest Comic. No Way! Yes Way....WAY!


So what are you waiting for? Download the mega double-size episode one absolutely  FREE today ONLY from the App Store.


We (Selficom Pte Ltd) do not and will not be collecting, storing or accessing any of your photos or data. Your images and data will only be stored on your mobile device.

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