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Fresh Quest Comic
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Fresh Quest Comic
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Top Downloads- New York City, USA-Earth!

You are the Hero

Fresh Quest Comic App-Edits your face into the comic pages instantly!

Freshness has been stolen from the eternal marble shrine on Novas Sedes. The precious blue light emanating from the mega gem generates health and well-being all across the universes. With the theft, all life across the universe will plummet into an abyss of disease, death, and eternal decay. Although bacteria and viruses are going to have a great party!

We need YOU, yes I'm talking to you, soldier! To save us all from this nightmarish peril. So selfie yourself into another dimension and recover the 'Fresh' before it's too late. You must save us.

So what are you waiting for, the end of the Universe?

Download the mega double-size episode one with an animated space-battle scene and crazy sci-fi sound effects.


FREE Download from the App Store TODAY!

The selfie comic app works totally offline so it's great for long journeys and can be shared with all the members of your family and enjoyed as many times as you wish. Re-download regularly for free updates.

All selfies and Data stay's on your mobile device!
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